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I offer consultations in interpretation, performace psychology, technique, instrument and mouthpiece design, intonation, methods of practice.

Do you know the answer to these questions:
why do dynamics have little to do with volume?
what is real interpretation as opposed to style?
what method of practice guarantees success?
what do Brahms and Alfred Hitchcock have in common?
these and a thousand other such questions should be uppermost in the imagination of the performer.

Fired by psychological and emotional issues, such as anxiety, nerves, inferiority feelings or posture, private practice can mutate into compulsive habitual practice behaviour. Within this habitual repetition lies the dormant seeds of many performance problems. Inevitably they come to haunt performances as USE ALWAYS AFFECTS FUNCTION.
Practice should be used as an ATTACK on performance issues and not as a DEFENCE against emotions.
If you are constantly frustrated by unfulfilled performance, or any other issues arising from performance anxiety, both psychological or physical. please contact me for a private discussion about my services.

For international clients sessions can be conducted over skype or ichat.

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