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With several thousand mouthpieces sold in 8 countries Weinberg Clarinet mouthpieces now use the new Zenith model with the very deep tone chamber. Correct bore dimensions are specific for Buffet and other major clarinet designs. The refacing (relaying) service is one small part of my total mouthpiece service, available at The mouthpiece library of both vintage and international specifications is of prime importance to my work and the professionals who use the service. This information is detailed, in part, in my book Mouthpieces: what you need to know (published by Dawkes Music ltd). The book has now been accepted in many authoritative libraries.

The book launch was at Ronnie's Scott's Jazz club and one the first readers was ex president Bill Clinton.

With Clear and direct language the book demystifies the problems inherent in mouthpiece choice and empowers the reader to stay clear of the so called mouthpiece fanatics.

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