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In 1989 Professor Weinberg was the only professor of woodwind to be given the title 'Distinguished Teacher" by the White House Commission, Washington. At the same time his book Unfinished Sentences was placed on the recommended reading list for presidential scholars. Yehudi Menhuin wrote "This is a delightful book of thoughts which are able to refresh and cleanse the mind as effectively and as quickly as a blinking of the eye." Aphorisms from the book appear on the pages of this web site together with the following.

Now the second edition of the book, retitled 'Reshaping Thoughts' is available. Demonstrating how the Problem always IS the solution, this hidden message from the creative unconscious, it illuminates how reshaping musical thoughts can easily resolve performance problems, while developing
interpretative abilities that are insightful and musically powerful.
Some of the musicians who have used this book and have supported it, are Lord Menuhin (who wrote the preface), Ricardo Morales (faculty of Julliard and Principal clarinet Philadephia orchestra) Hans Keller and Jack Brymer, who offered much valued advice to the first edition.

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