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"On Behalf of the entire White House Commission, thank you for all you have done to inspire, encourage and nuture excellence among our nation's most gifted students" - Chairman:White House Commission

"Brilliant concepts...a marvellous musician, teacher and thinker" - Lord Menuhin

"An expert in so many fields, revealing matters which many of us merely hope to demonstrate" - Jack Brymer OBE

‘without question I can attribute my greatest instrumental, musical and personal growth to the thought provoking, musically challenging and inspiring tutelage of Professor Weinberg. He inspired me to reach for the highest standard possibly achievable within my capabilities without ever imposing his point of view as the absolute, resulting in wonderful discussions that were not only academically challenging but inspiring at much higher levels personally.’
- Ricardo Morales, International Soloist

‘he contrives to bring out a student’s musicality with astonishing clarity; he is indeed famed for his teaching talents amongst his colleagues’ - Hans Keller

‘I  have observed few professors who have been able to stimulate thought processes of the participant in the skilful manner used by Professor Weinberg - PROF. Joyce Williams, Indiana university

‘Anton Weinberg is a very unusual professor. He not only is a performer and teacher functioning at the highest level, but he is a first rate musician and scholar as well. Among performers of orchestral instruments the combination of these qualities is really quite unique’ - DEAN Henry Upper, Indiana university


Individual consultations or masterclasses are available, with particular emphasis on the resolution of performance problems: both technical, psychological and interpretative.

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